Jane Kim (b. October 25, 1988 in Mountain View, CA, U.S.A.) is a Korean-American multidisciplinary artist in Oakland, California. Up until recently, her body of work primarily consisted of mixed-media assemblage and collage made with found objects, paint and trash. Over the past few months, however, she’s been making digital collages on her iPhone using photos and videos that she’s taken on that phone— most of which are of varying fleeting, unassuming moments that she has just happened upon throughout the day (ie: the distorted reflection of a street sign on the window of a car that's temporarily stopped at a red light, a shadow, one sentence on the cover of a magazine seen while standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, etc). She improvises, never spending too much time on any step or decision in her creative process. Jane's work is influenced by metaphysics, psychedelia, the nonlinear nature of reality, her experience growing up as a second generation Korean-American who has never been able to communicate linguistically with her family, her extra-terrestrial encounters, and colorful stationery products from Asia with English sentences on them that don’t make sense. Through her work, she is interested in: highlighting the omnipresence in undervalued materials; creating as much depth as possible using as little steps as possible; and building a metaphysical texture using only mundane subject matter as the building blocks. All of these everyday moments carry the capacity to reveal their multidimensionality if viewed from the right angle.