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Koktem Shaqyrady – The Spring is Calling















Dennis Keen

Lecturer on Kazakh history and culture in the Department of Slavic, East European and Eurasian Languages and Cultures at UCLA

Central Asia specialist Dennis Keen focuses on urban exploration and monumental art, and regional differences. He is a founder of "Walking Almaty" – an unusual guidebook to Kazakhstan's southern capital. Since 2019, Dennis lectures on Kazakh history and culture at UCLA.

Anel Moldakhmetova

Creative producer, curator of the [non] museum of architecture

Anel is a cultural projects curator and creative producer, expert in cultural programming and strategic communications, creative producer at Cityzen Space studio, specializing in urban research and city and community development projects. Since 2020 she is curator and creative producer of Nonmuseum of architecture, a participative community center aimed to encourage active architects, urbanists and researchers to launch their projects and initiatives. 

Nadira Zhadyraeva

Art director, artist, Author of animation, Architectural designer, Co-founder of the enternomads group, Architectural designer

Nadira received her Bachelor Degree in Architecture form Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering. She is a member of enternomads team and now works as part of the participatory (non)museum team.

Islam Kuanysh

Exposition ideologist, exposition design, Architect, co-founder of the Enternomads group

Studied architecture in the Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering and at La Sapienza University of Rome. He is a founder of design and architecture studio 2sky.

Alexandra Tsay

Curator, researcher and editor

Selected projects: - co-editor of collective volume "Stalinism in Kazakhstan: History, Memory, and Representation", Lexington Books, 2021

- curator "Living Memory" exhibition, Almaty City Museum, November 2019. VR version -; Exhibition “Living Memory” is a continuation of the book Stalinism in Kazakhstan: History, Memory, Representation edited by Zhulduzbek Abylkhozhin, Mikhail Akulov, and Alexandra Tsay, Lexington Books, 2021. It is an approach to the study of collective memory and trauma through artistic media, an approach that overcomes text and employs what text cannot accommodate.  This exhibition is devoted to the study of collective memory of traumatic past in Kazakhstan, a past that still needs to be addressed, healed, reflected upon and remembered. The power relations, political violence, imposed silence and memory of innocent victims are issues addressed and raised through artistic practic


Ivana Dama

Curator, ArtSCI UCLA, Studio106LA


UCLA Art|Sci Center

The UCLA Art|Sci Center is dedicated to pursuing and promoting the evolving “Third Culture” by facilitating the infinite potential of collaborations between (media) arts and (bio/nano) sciences.

Through the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture’s Design Media Arts Department and the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), the center supports visiting research scholars and artists-in-residence from around the world. Through various lectures, mixers, and symposia, artists and scientists are brought together in order to mesh these cultures and inspire individuals to think about art and science as interrelated and a very relevant synergism of society. The Art|Sci Center also hosts the Sci|Art NanoLab Summer Institute for high school students, introducing them to the vast possibilities in the field of art|science for the present and future generations.

Art|Sci Center is home to the Art|Sci Collective, an international group of researchers and creatives that develops projects, workshops, performances, and exhibitions that address social, ethical and environmental issues related to scientific innovations.

UCLA Center for European and Russian Studies

The Center for European and Russian Studies (CERS) has a long record of excellence in advancing innovative teaching, research, and public education that enhance knowledge of the languages, cultures, and societies of modern and contemporary Europe and Russia. Drawing on the widely renowned expertise of our affiliated faculty and visiting scholars, CERS programs support the development of new generations of experts, foster international scholarly exchange and collaboration, and generate new insights into the complex issues that confront Europe and Russia and, in turn, impact both transatlantic and global relationships.

UCLA Asia Pacific Center: UCLA Program on Central Asia

The UCLA Program on Central Asia (PoCA), established in 2008, is led by the Asia Pacific Center (APC) and directed by Professor Domenico Ingenito (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures).

Mission Statement

The UCLA Program on Central Asia (PoCA) promotes the interdisciplinary and interregional study of Central Asia and the regions that surround it, including Western China, the Himalayas, Russia and eastern Europe, South Asia, and the Persianate world. PoCA serves as an ‘intellectual crossroads’ for scholars working on India, China, the Middle East, and Europe to exchange ideas with specialists on Central Asia and advance scholarship and understanding of the region. PoCA sponsors guest speaker series and conferences, the Central Asia Workshop for students and faculty, and courses on Central Asian studies and languages.


Located on the west end of Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport, Studio106LA provides artists with a unique backdrop where the history of Los Angeles as a center of cultural transition, movement, and exchange is always palpable.

Since fall 2020 we have opened Studio106LA’s virtual space to the public, we had a number of contrasting shows. With the shift to an online platform, we have opened the path to a new series of important projects that we have called  “online awareness projects." These were the projects that  connected us with the world and connected the world to us.


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