(And it’s OKAY)

Living in the present is probably one of the most difficult tasks. It is what religion serves to the community, what every spiritual leader strives to impart and what academia emphasizes. Since March of this year, we have been confronted with the idea that what is NOW- what is TODAY- might be just the same as yesterday but guess what? THAT’S OKAY.

This March I began my third trimester of pregnancy and my daughter turned 2 on the 20th. My husband stayed home from work and we built a ‘quaranteam’ with our small building here in West LA. Every evening we meditated and every morning we said a prayer. In the midst of our everyday routine, we found joy in all the repetition and expectation of the unexpected. I even found time to draw, to create and to confront myself with the fact that I am OKAY with tomorrow, yesterday and that TODAY, NOW is the only important part of my progress as a contributing individual of my family, friends and community.