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COVID-safe space
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With endless materials and knowledge in working with many forms of media, the studio offers a customized program for each pod of students depending on their age and interests.



Over the years space has served as a platform for dozens of artists. The gallery space is spacious and typically accommodates over 70 people for an art exhibition and 50 for a screening or a workshop whereas today we can safely physically distance the students and the instructors and will place a cap’ of 5 students to one teacher maximum.


  These same artists have prepared their own lesson plans both virtual and ‘IRL’ (in real life). As we move into a new age of learning the Studio is fully equipped to work with the ever-changing and demanding measures of COVID-19.


Many of our collective members are educators, certified teachers and parents, so we understand the impending demand for children’s learning and socialization. Our goal is to nurture their imagination by providing opportunities to create art, study together, and find a safe space away from home to thrive.

We find that it will be of the utmost importance to maintain a sense of collaboration with their peers.



For more information, please contact the studio.

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Thanks for reaching out!

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