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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a tingling sensation that is typically felt along one’s scalp, neck and upper spine. Triggered by particular aesthetics of sound and/or imagery, ASMR short circuits referential sensemaking to the level of the affected body. While the meaning of the sensory trigger marks a reference (crunching paper, sucking fruit, whispering), it transcends rational judgment and can be both pleasant or potentially repulsive. 


When I draw, aesthetics are a consequence of a reflective and meditative process in which this physically relaxing sensation is sought out. ASMR - the tingle - is an aim, and the marks that are made must “feel good”. Equally, the need to draw can be born out of a period of anxiety or stress and so my work is both a coping mechanism/meditation and procrastination and it is this friction that compels me to continue. 


My work always starts as a scribble, and can become a pattern, face, cartoon, creature, collage, and/or gif. I work across digital and physical mediums, without judgment and without a final goal. It has never been about making “good” or “acceptable” art. Drawings are often personal and reflect a moment in time, like a diary entry. Equally, they are meaningless.  


@scribbled_egg + @rebeccalvb