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Rebecca van Beeck is a theatre designer, artist and educator from South Africa. She has lived and worked in Cape Town, Stockholm, Zurich, Bangkok, Los Angeles and London. A child of the 90s, she enjoys making necklaces and reading recipes. Her work is influenced by her background in architecture with her approach linking across spatial design, urban and participatory research, stage and costume design, and live and visual art. 


She was once taken out of a movie theater for crying too much as a child, but her love for the theatre and performance continued to grow. She is interested in the relationship between space and performance, with the notion of performance ranging from everyday routines to theatrical movements on stage, which she originally self-termed as “making space”. Rebecca considers her design process an ‘improvisation framework’ for collaboration and collective making. Ideas around improvisation extend to her visual arts practice in which she embraces intuitive mark making as a meditative process, which she has been doing since the MS Paint of the early 2000s.


She is designing her first opera, Tamerlano, in London this autumn, and is likely to return to South Africa for its summer sun, which continues to inspire her favourite colour, yellow.