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in collaboration with SoC ALUMN*


Camp of Art Curation and Unreasonable Endeavors

4 weeks 4 SESSIONS 4 hours each SESSION 1 final exhibition

Camp of Art Curation and Unreasonable Endeavours (CACUE) is a creative program with an emphasis on an artist-as-curator approach to organizing and designing exhibitions. The program commits to the collaborative exploration of curatorial practices through a hands-on approach to the presentation of art and a study of object-subject-space interaction. Experimentally cultivated results that are suggested and encouraged by the interdisciplinary nature of the program will culminate in the final collectively developed exhibition. Besides the ultimate bliss of generating a valuable and meaning full collectively inspired creative output participants will benefit from inspiring guest lectures and workshops, as well as peer-to-peer learning sessions and skill exchange. 


Location: @studio106LA



Enthusiasm, commitment to artistic practice, openness for dialogue and willingness to try new things.  


The world is falling apart, let’s make art :)


Feel free to contact us if you wish to know more about the program.


Please send us and email if you would like to join the program.

CACUE Membership: 50 USD


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