Liza Kin.


I bow my head in order to exhale and take a fresh look at the situation. Events are replacing one another in absolutely all branches of life.
Formatting your memory card and filling it with new images and ideas as an endless stream. One changes so quickly in a very short period of time – this makes one literally start missing himself/herself/themselves.


And yet, this is one of the happiest and most difficult times of my life– standing face to face with your fears so that even your jaw clenches at night. There is a permanent need to overcome oneself. The inner resource appears to be far from endless and at some point, you just can't move on. There is a pause. A thin layer of snow covers the landscape of the experienced events. It's winter and you figure out where to get the strength to continue your journey. I translate my analog archive into a digital one. This is defined by the simple truth – one can not move on to the 'new' by using the old methods. This means that there is an inherent need for the one to look at things as if one is seeing them for the first time. And... first of all, this fresh look is needed to be directed inside – at oneself. This introspection reveals a new attitude to time, to knowledge, to experience, to sex and food, to environment and rituals, to sleep and habits. It is like observing oneself from the side, copying oneself from oneself, but doing it with awareness and appreciation.

So I raise my head as I understand something – I have already gone through some processes, and something important has launched. I now see my way, I really do. I don't know what the future prepares for me, but I know that this path is mine.


Liza Kin (b.1987) is an immigrant artist living and working in Berlin. She was born and raised in Kazakhstan and moved to Berlin with her 9-year old son in 2019.